Six Tiny Ways To Build Trust


Is Your Workplace A Great Place To Work?

With studies finding that one in every five workers is set to resign in the next twelve months, the great resignation looks set to continue for the foreseeable future. Given the energy, disruption, and cost that most resignations require of both the employee and employer, is there a better option when it comes to creating great jobs and great workplaces?

“When the pressure is the highest and financial returns are the most uncertain, that’s when an organization reveals its true purpose and commitment to its people,” explained Michael Bush, the CEO of Great Place to Work when we interviewed him recently. “For example, during the fear and uncertainty of the global pandemic, companies who put people ahead of profit showed the highest trust, credibility, and leadership scores on surveys in the 33-year history of the Great Place to Work surveys. They also performed unexpectedly well financially.”

After surveying over 10 million employees in more than 100 countries during 2020, the Great Place to Work team found that what set these workplaces apart was a work environment where people:

“Trust comes from purpose-driven leaders who are focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging,” explained Michael. “Our data suggests that leaders need to be concerned about the fiscal, physical, and mental health of their employees and know the legacy and the impact they want to have. They cannot focus solely on profit.”

So, what can leaders try practically to improve trust in their workplace?

Michael suggested:

How might you improve trust in your workplace to short circuit the great resignation?



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