Is Now The Time To Make Big Changes?

  • Consider your context — Identify the logic of limitations and appropriate interventions associated with where you may be on the continuum. In some cases, it may be appropriate to start with a deficit-based approach to identify problems and solve them quickly. However, if your intent is to engage in transformational change, ultimately you need a different logic — one that has conversations about strengths, virtues and positive possibilities. In the process, you can tap into an innate desire to be virtuous, to become the absolute best they can be and to strive for excellence. Ask yourself what you need to do in this situation.
  • Use an Appreciative Mindset — When you inquire in a way that appreciates the system (i.e., existing social capital), you can grow the capacity of people to get things done together. Whatever your circumstances, when you are intentional and proactive in seeing others at their best or finding the best alternatives available, you can have an uplifting impact. But when you’re closed to these alternatives, you can become reactive or defensive.
  • Invite others in — Gather the diverse values, perspectives and constituencies of the whole system into one conversation through an Appreciative Inquiry summit. Starting from the assumption that you already have within your system the capability of a positive transformational future, you can then work together to develop the steps in identifying the energy and pockets of excellence that exist across your organization. In the process, you build community, bring to light elements of excellence that already resonate with people and help translate strategic ideas and images of possibilities into reality. Magic can happen when you create environments where people can interact, hear one another and really respect and appreciate different perspectives in a healthy, effective way.




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