Are You Struggling To Realize Your Goals?


Three Ways To Sustain Your Energy & Focus

With researchers recently reporting that people around the world are more stressed and less happy than ever, it’s easy to understand why it’s feeling harder than ever to achieve our goals. Let’s face it, as environmental, political and social challenges around us continue to grow, even the most optimistic and determined among us can feel like it’s just too hard to make the difference we want. So, how can we sustain our energy and focus?

“Goal setting is something we’re all familiar with, but too often our goals are left unattained,” explained Dr. Grace Lordan from the London School of Economics and Political Science when we interviewed her recently. “While you may have a rough idea of where you want to be in five years’ time, people often fail to make meaningful plans to take the small, positive steps required, meaning hopes don’t translate into reality.”

Grace explained there are three common challenges that hold us back from setting more meaningful and effective goals:

Even when we overcome these challenges, we often set goals that are too big and too abstract, then expect results too fast. To avoid these common mistakes, Grace recommends:

Rather than trying to save the whole world this week, what are the small positive steps you can take towards making your goals a reality?



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