Are You Sabotaging Your Happiness?
  • Savor the moment — notice the good times, and consciously focus on amplifying and celebrating these with others as they happen — it might be when you’ve hit your milestones, securing a new contract, or creating a new product. Take time to bask in the pride of yours and others’ accomplishments. However, be sure to be sensitive to others’ feelings, as sometimes excessive celebration may come across as boastful or bragging if others feel envious or are threatened in some way by your success.
  • Anticipate joy — savor the positive emotions of looking forward to an upcoming future event. Imagine what it will be like if all goes well, and appreciate the good feelings you are looking forward to experiencing. As a work team, you can anticipate the joy of reaching your milestones, accomplishing a great project, and making progress on your goals. This savoring can help motivate you to keep going as it rewards your progress on the way.
  • Remember the good — find ways to savor the good that happens at work retrospectively. Instead of letting it recede into the past and disappear, you can appreciate the good feelings you’ve experienced by recalling and appreciating your hard work, triumphs, and achievements. Reminiscing about the good times can help motivate and sustain you in times of struggle or difficulties.




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