Jim Harter shares how a Net Thriving Culture can help your people want to stay.

Are your people showing signs of being COVID-weary? Are you finding your employee engagement programs are no longer the wellbeing booster for people that they used to be? …


How can relationships at work help us all have better work days (yes, even when we’re working from home)

Are you finding your connections with your colleagues slipping away as the pandemic draws out, with your work silos becoming more entrenched, more rigid, and less connected? While many of us…


Are you addressing the symptoms or the causes of burnout?

Is your team feeling exhausted and overwhelmed when it comes to your work? Even before the global pandemic, the World Health Organization had declared burnout an occupational phenomenon in response to the growing number of workers around the work who…


Can you use insights to create a wellbeing strategy?

Is it just me, or when you read, listen, and consume new information about how to care for wellbeing in the workplace do you find ‘a-ha!’ moments everywhere you look? …


3 simple steps to help your team feel happier

Are your efforts to engage and inspire people in your workplace being met with a lackluster apathy? Have you found strategies that used to work in the past are now falling on disinterested ears? …


Can you tame your advice-giving monster?

Do you have a tendency to tell more often than you ask? Do you love giving advice, but worry that asking for help will make you look less competent? The truth is, we all have a deeply ingrained habit of slipping into the advice-giver…


The three simple steps you can take to sustain a learning mindset.

If the prospect of more change leaves your gut churning, makes your hands suddenly sweaty, and floods your brain with feelings of fear, you’re in good company.


Interview with Carol Kauffman

As vaccination levels rise and organizations begin to expect to see their workers back in the workplace, research suggests that 47% of workers are feeling anxious about a return to their pre-COVID working practices.

“Too often, people experience stress in the workplace as a result of…


New data shows why our working relationships feel harder.

As workers head back to their offices, a new study has found that “dealing with people” has become the biggest struggle workers are reporting when it comes to caring for their wellbeing.

“Before and throughout the global pandemic our studies with…


The State of Leadership in Australian Workplaces

After a year of constant uncertainty, it’s understandable that leaders are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted, that they are questioning their ability and energy to successfully support the “new normal” now unfolding in workplaces. …

Michelle McQuaid

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