The State of Wellbeing in Michigan Workplaces

As more American workers begin the transition back to their workplaces with the rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations, new research focusing on the wellbeing levels of Michigan workers over this period could provide important insights on managing this change.

The Wellbeing Lab 2021 Community Report, surveyed a randomly selected sample representative of Michigan’s adult population by gender, age, and location of 778 workers at the end of March 2021, with wellbeing in the workplace forming a key focus of the report.

The good news was that whether workers were back full time in the…


Interview with Dominic Price

Are you starting to get back to ‘normal’ in the office, but unsure how to best integrate people who are still working from home? Are you seeing new inclusion challenges arising as you look for ways to ensure people who are not physically in the office still feel like they belong? Even though working from home has meant people are working more hours than before, are you still worried about their levels of productivity?

If so, it might be time to think differently about the way people work.

“I think the first thing we need to…


Can You Amplify Your Community’s Wellbeing?

A new survey of Michigan residents from The Wellbeing Lab has revealed that while 13% reported they are really struggling, 10% of are consistently thriving, and 41.7% are living well, despite struggles.

The Wellbeing Lab 2021 Communities Report, surveyed a randomly selected sample representative of Michigan’s adult population by gender, age, and location at the end of March 2021, to provide insights into current states of wellbeing across communities in the region.

The research demonstrates that even when facing a global pandemic, a changing political and economic landscape, and numerous personal and professional challenges…


Interview with Dr. Belle Rose Ragins

Have you heard great mentoring stories from others, but found that your experiences have often fallen short? Have you hoped to be a great mentor to others, but have found you’re not sure how to go about achieving that? Or perhaps the idea of seeking a mentor feels daunting to you? If so, you’re not alone.

“When we talk about the relationships that have made a real difference in our lives — those that have been there at critical times, helped us on our path, helped us grow our careers — it’s been mentors…

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Interview with Dr. Meg Warren

Do you feel awkward and unsure when it comes to being an ally for marginalized groups at work? Do you have the best of intentions but lack the confidence to support people from diverse backgrounds without causing offense? Is your lack of confidence translating into a lack of action? If so, you’re not alone.

“There is an assumption that if one is a good person or if one has good intentions, it will translate into good allyship and inclusive behavior, but that’s not necessarily true,” explained Dr. Meg Warren, Assistant Professor of Management at Western…

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Interview with Dr. Lindsey Godwin

Is the pace of change at work wearing you out? Does the thought of one more disruption to your carefully laid plans have you heading for a long Netflix binge on the couch? Are you fed up with falling short of your goals no matter how much resilience, determination and grit you put in?

You’re not alone. As the global pandemic continues to wreak uncertainty and chaos, it can be increasingly challenging not to slip towards a state of learned helplessness and feel we have little or no control over the situations in which we…


Interview with Michael Platt

Do you feel like a natural born leader? Or are you, like most of us, piecing together your leadership skills by observing great and not-so-great leaders in your network? While there is no doubt some people seem to have the ‘x-factor’ of leadership, for the rest of us, leadership skills are hard won — usually through trial and error. But what if there was a more scientific way to understand how to bring out the best in others?

“What we are coming to understand is that there’s a lot of information that’s not available to our…


Interview with Margaret Heffernan

How much time, energy and effort do you spend planning for what lies ahead for your team or organization? Given the dawning realization in most workplaces following the global pandemic, that unpredictable and continual change is really the only certainty your business plans can be guaranteed, it’s worth asking if all your efforts at planning are worth the paper they are written on.

“Forecasting experts have found that if you’re very, very open-minded and consult a broad range of information sources, then probably the furthest out you can reliably plan is about 400 days, “ explained…


Interview with Jessica Amortegui

When it comes to working with others, do you often find yourself armoring up? Do you go out of your way to please others? Do you find yourself going to great lengths to prove just how well you can perform? Do you tend to micro-manage and control tasks in an effort to ensure any work that has your name on it is perfect in the eyes of others?

The truth is, given that studies suggest up to 82% of workers report feeling like an imposter at times, you’re in good company if you’ve ever found yourself…


Interview with Dan Cable

While the study of human strengths is one of the most mature and well-researched areas of wellbeing science, we can often find it challenging to practically implement what we know within our personal lives and in the workplace, as human beings are typically wired to focus on our weaknesses and limitations. Why might this be the case?

“I think the number one reason is a worry about arrogant pride,” explained Professor Dan Cable from the London Business School, when we interviewed him recently. “Many cultures celebrate modesty, and so highlighting limitations and what we are weak…

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